Short Essay on Unemployment

Unemployment is a state in which a person does not have a job. It is a terrible state that a lot of people are struggling with and especially in the developing countries. Depending on the country, the rate of unemployment may be very high or at the lower end of the scale. In developing countries with high unemployment rates, there have been a lot of problems that arise because of this.

When there are a lot of unemployed people, the economy of the country goes down. Just as families will be affected by lack of finances, the state will also feel the heat. The production will be low as well as the consumer spending.

When people lack a source of income, they will devise ways on how to get their hands on the money.

Unemployed people suffer psychologically when they are unable to find a job. They start to feel frustrated with life, and many get depressed. When their mental health is unstable, more problems set in.

Without enough finances to keep up with life, people will live in pathetic living conditions. People will become weak and with diseases. They will not be able to afford the basics of life such as nutritious meals, medical care, safe homes, and so on.

In this era, finances contribute a lot to separation and divorce cases in the world. When the family struggles financially, a lot of things go wrong. Ultimately, parents separate because the man seems unable to do what someone else can do.

A lot of people feel inferior to their peers whenever they cannot seem to match up the competition. No one likes to be the friend that does not have a job. A person’s self-confidence gets affected, and they may either stop associating with friends or live in their shadows.

Countries need to work on plants that will help with such situations. In turn, the nation and ultimately the world will be improved.

By Lorah