Short Essay on Unity is Strength

Unity is strength. Strength is an attribute that suggests something or someone can withstand anything that comes against them and remains standing afterward. ‘Unity is strength’ is a phrase that holds water from the time it was spoken to date.

Past the individual level, we all function at some group level. Whether at school, work, among friends, or as a country, we are all connected. For us to function effectively and be capable of making progress and stand firm in the midst of challenges, we will need the strength of individuals. Even so, these strengths need to be channeled towards the same course. If not, a group will be brought to its knees. There is a lot of power in numbers, but the numbers must have people with the same mind and mission.

When we realize that divided we will fall, we are moved to live with each other in unity. In doing so, we will live in harmony with others at all times. We all know that peace and unity walk hand in hand. If there is peace in small groups, we will enjoy peace in the whole world.

Understanding that the ability to stand challenges and adversities is also chained to unity helps us to appreciate one another. When you despise others or think of them as less important to you, in troubling times, you will stand alone. The adversity will get its hands on you without a doubt and bring you down.

We all know that together we will always stand. As seen from our definition of strength, when we stick together we can overcome anything that comes against us in life. In the midst of attacks, we will be bold to face them. It may not be because of our inner strength but because we have trust in the power we have as a team. Even the weakest person becomes bold when they know they have an excellent support system behind them.

By Lorah