Short Essay on Water and Its Uses

Water is a chemical substance whose molecules are made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Covalent bonds connect these atoms.

The characteristics of water include lack of taste, odorless, colorlessness in small quantities and transparency. Life without water is impossible. The human body has water as its primary component. That is why we have the understanding that water is life. Other than that, water also sustains all kinds of living things.

In the society, we use water for a lot of things.

Uses of water

Domestic use

We use water in our homes for various things such as cleaning, bathing, cooking, drinking, and so much more.

Commercial use

This is the use of fresh water in commercial places such as hotels, motels, commercial buildings, offices, institutions for civilians and the military, and more.

Industrial use

Here, water is used in industries for production. Companies use it for different processes such as dilution, transportation, cooling, and more. Some of the sectors that cannot do without water include chemical industries, the petroleum refining industry, and a few others.

Mining processes

When mining minerals that are naturally occurring, water is used. Such minerals can include metal ores, coal, natural gas, and crude petroleum. People use Water for extraction, milling, and other processes.

Livestock farming use

The animals that we keep at home also need water to survive. On a daily basis, they need fresh water. Other than for consumption, you may also use the water to create fish ponds. There are also other uses such as cleaning the places where the animals stay once in a while.

Irrigation use

Plants are also living organisms, and they need water to stay healthy and productive. Without it, they will wither and die. Whether the plants are for agricultural use or not, they need water. Other than nourishing plants, water is also used to cool these plants.

Power production

We all know of the hydroelectric power. Typically, the source of water, usually a dam, has potential energy. The water passes through turbines and a generator to produce hydropower.

Water is used in many areas of life thus proving its importance.

By Lorah