Short Essay on Water Conservation – Meaning and Tips


Water conservation is the process of using available water wisely to reduce wastage and eliminate unnecessary use. It includes some policies, activities, and strategies that are targeted at managing this resource in a bid to meet the present and future demands.

As a liquid, it sustains life and has so many uses. We use it at home, for commercial, industrial, medical, transport, and many other industries. Because water is life, we must learn to conserve water.

Water conservation tips

Close the tap when not in use

While brushing your teeth or washing your hands, do not let the tap run. Open the valve when you want to rinse your mouth or when done scrubbing your hands.

Fix Leaks

Leaks are water ‘wasters.’ Check for any leaks in the house or outside the home and fix them. Alternatively, before you get it straightened out, put a bucket where there is a leak.

Take the car to a car wash

A car wash has an excellent way of recycling the used water after cleaning vehicles. Therefore, it is the best alternative if you need to clean your car.

Do irrigations in the morning

Morning hours are cool and the moisture from the night is still there. When you sprinkle in the morning, you will use less water as compared to when the sun is out.

Take short showers and use a shower bucket

Reduce the time that you spend in the shower so that you can save the water. Also, as you wait for the water to heat up, do not let the water that runs to go down the drain. Capture the cold water.

Use less water to flush the toilet

This is particularly when you go for a short call. You do not need a lot of water to get rid of the yellow.

Run a full dishwasher

Only run the dishwasher when it is full of dirty dishes. Running the washer every time takes up gallons of water.

Re-use water

Whenever possible, use already used water to water your plants. For instance, pasta cooking liquid.

Learn to conserve water because it is precious.

By Lorah