Short Essay on Winter Season

We have four seasons and each season has different characteristics and weather conditions.

Winter is one of the seasons, and it is marked with the freezing weather. The season affects the polar and temperate areas on the planet. This season is between spring and autumn.

For winter to come, the earth’s axis turns away from the sun causing these climatic conditions in the places above. Before winter strikes, you need to prepare and know what to do.

The cold temperatures in this season are not a joke. They can damage your health terribly. Therefore, make it a priority to stay warm. Have clothes that are warm and dull colored because they are excellent at storing heat. Get a flu shot if the need arises. Ensure that your home is warm always.

Prepare your car before winter strikes because it may be tricky to do so when the snow hits. You can change your tires and put snow tires. Keep the anti-freeze levels where they should be and ensure your radiator works optimally. Keep your tank full and always have your winter kit within the car.

When the vent or chimney is blocked, you will experience carbon monoxide poisoning without knowing it unless you have detectors. Check these two so that you can clear out anything that may prevent the emission of carbon monoxide.

Take some time to insulate your pipes so that the cold weather does not wreck your home. If you live in an area where power outage occurs a lot during this period or you live in an old house, take this step. If there are any leaks, mend them as well. You will save yourself from post-winter repairs.

There will be times when you may not be able to go to the grocery store for a long time. Having enough food around will save you and your family.

Prepare for winter, and it will come and pass without any hiccups. You can always do more than these.

By Lorah