Short Essay on Working Women

A few years back, one couldn’t even imagine about a woman who is working at any place. But now, the trend has changed, women are getting more jobs than men, women are doing better than men and women are earning better than men. A woman’s life is very difficult we all know and working women’s life becomes even more difficult because they need to maintain a balance in their job and in their house jobs. Here is what happens in the life of a working woman:

  • A woman has to make her breakfast, her husband’s breakfast and has to do a lot more and when she is doing a job, she will need to wake up at least 2 hours before what she used to wake up at because she will be preparing food for herself, her family members as well as doing various other tasks that she usually did during the day and now she can’t do because of her job.
  • After returning from the job, she will again have to do her mother and wife duties as she will need to cook the food as well as to do other remaining works of her.
  • If a woman has a child who is of a very young age, she has to feed him as well, and she has to take immense care of him. One can just imagine the stress of doing a job, maintaining a house and taking utmost care of a young kid at once.
  • Even when a woman is working, she has to take care of her husband decisions, and she has to support him by every means. While she is working, she should never let her husband feel that she is better than him or he is better than her, equality is the key.

Being a working woman is very difficult because she has to deal with all above-mentioned points and still need to sleep worry free so that she can wake up early morning with a smiling face for a new start to the day.

By Vishakha