The Happiest Day of My Life – Short Essay

People do face lots of problems in their lives, and then they wait for their happy days to get started. I too waited very long for my happy days to get started and then God gifted me with the happiest day of my life. It was the day which I can never forget as it was the day when I made my parents proud for the first time.

  • Though I was an outstanding student, I failed to fulfill my parents’ expectations of me. I used to secure good marks during my school days, and my parents expected me to see my name on the newspaper one day, which I was not able to fulfill, and I am regretful for that even now.
  • But God gave me a second chance, and though my name was not there in the newspaper, I still made my parents feel proud of me. It was the time when there was an ISAS presentation in my college where one needs to represent his project among the college staff as well as in front of parents of other students as well.
  • So, eventually, around a thousand people gathered in the auditorium which included students, teachers, and parents of the students.
  • All the students had practiced to their levels best so that they can get the award of the best ISAS presentation. Looking at the public there, I imagined that it is the perfect way to make my parents proud a lot of people will see my parents and me getting the trophy of best ISAS presentation. But it was only possible if I had delivered the best presentation.
  • I was leading my team, and we all gave our speeches with confidence. Cross questioning was answered easily, and we involved the audience in answering some of the questions which made our presentation very interesting. The jury decided the results, and we won, my parents came on the stage and collected the trophy on my behalf. It was the best moment for them as well as for me as I can see the real happiness on their face which I wanted.

This was the happiest day of my life, and I am sure that everyone would have made their parents proud someday which will be their best day of life.

By Vishakha