Short Essay on Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison is most commonly known as the best inventor in the history of America due to his number of experiments and inventions in various fields. The great man was born on 11th February 1847 in Milan, Ohio, U.S. and provided his greatness to the world for 84 long years as he died in 1931. Before his death, he achieved a lot of greatness and invented a lot of things which helped people to reach a point at which we are currently. Here are some of his achievements and inventions:

  • Like a lot of great people, Edison also started his life struggling for money as he used to sell newspapers and vegetables in his young age and later on he went to become a telegraph operator which was a gift from someone whose child he had saved from dying. He, later on, started tried experimenting while earning money by night shifts and. But the experimenting made him lose his job and become a businessman and inventor thereafter.
  • He became popular around the world when he invented Phonograph in 1877 and was also given a title of “The Wizard of Menlo Park.”
  • Edison also went on to invent carbon telephone transmitter which improved the microphones in telephones initially built by Graham Bell. The transmitter came in to use in the 1890s and was used until 1980s when other technologies worked better.
  • At some places, Thomas Alva Edison is treated like a saint because he was the first one who invented an electric bulb light which is even used by everyone in various fields. Inventors made lots of amendments to the bulb firstly built by Edison and converted the bulbs into LEDs, Lamps, etc.
  • Edison dealt with direct current devices and got a tough competition from other companies who were dealing with alternative currents due to which his company had to work harder for better revenues. In some of his other inventions, Fluoroscopy, Motion Pictures, Mining, Batter, Rubber and various other chemicals are mostly known.

This was everything about famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison to whom a lot of people still thank for inventing electric bulbs which are still being used at various places.