Short Essay on William Wordsworth

Early Life and education

William Wordsworth was an English poet who was talented. He was born on 7th April 1770 in a place called Cockermouth, Cumberland in England.

Wordsworth’s father was John Wordsworth, and Ann Cookson was his mother. He had four siblings, and he was the second child. After the death of his mother, he went to Hawkshead Grammer school that was in Lancashire. In 1791, he got his BA degree from St. Johns College in Cambridge.

William’s career and work

The first publication of William’s work was in 1793. The first publication featured numerous poems. The collections included An Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches. In 1798, he together with Samuel Coleridge published the Lyrical Ballads. This was the birth of the Romantic movement.

Between 1795 and 1797, William wrote The Borderers and it was his first play. It was not staged and was only published after so many revisions in 1842.

In 1805, Wordsworth had finished working on his autobiographical work: The Prelude. Even so, he did not publish it. As his first version, it went through some revisions and was released after his death.

Wordsworth published numerous poems and categorized them into two volumes. Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of EarlyChildhood was included in the publications. This was in 1807.

In 1813, he got a government job that paid him generously, and in the following year, he published The Excursion: a second part of The Recluse.

In 1843, he took after Robert Southey and became the poet laureate. He served there until his death.

Death and Burial

Wordsworth dies on 23rd April 1850. The cause of death was pleurisy. He was laid to rest at St. Oswald’s Church in Grasmere.

By Lorah