My Favorite Festival (Holi) – Short Essay

My Favorite Festival (Holi)

India is a nation of festivals, and I don’t think there would be more festivals celebrated in any other country than India. There are lots of festivals celebrated here, some of them have a great history attached to it some of them are celebrated due to various cultures. But my favorite festival among all is Holi, the festival of colors. If any foreigners watch how we Indians celebrate Holi, he might think that we are mad as we are polluting our surface, but they can’t even think about the fun that one gets by celebrating Holi. Here is my favorite part of celebrating Holi:

  • Holi is celebrated all around the nation, and everybody has a different way to celebrate it. Some people celebrate Holi by hitting their husbands with a stick, others try to throw buckets of water on people, but my favorite is celebrating this fantastic festival with the help of various colors.
  • During the morning of Holi, I wake up at around 7 Am and gather all the colors that I buy a night before. In addition to the colors, I gather some balloons as well which are filled with water and also some colored sprays for those who have allergies from powdered colors.
  • After preparing myself, I get down to the actual business which is coloring my friends, relatives and all my close ones to the extent that their body color should not be visible. During the process, I get colored by them as well, but this is the fun that I am talking about which no other festival in India or the world provides.
  • On the day of Holi, a lot of people prepare Thandai which is made of unusual ingredients. In our colony, two kinds of Thandai is made one for children and one for adults. The adult one contains some kind of ingredients which children can’t intake. Thandai is my favorite, and I drink a lot of glasses every time, on Holi.
  • On Holi, all my friends and relatives visit my house because in my town, my house’s Holi is one of the best and that is why gathering more than 100 people is there on Holi every year.

These were a few reasons why I love Holi and how I celebrate Holi. There are very fewer people in the country who hate this festival, and I bet, if they get to see the Holi at my house, they won’t restrict themselves from celebrating it either.

By Vishakha