My Favorite Teacher – Short Essay

My Favorite Teacher

During our childhood or even in the adulthood we have a teacher who is our favorite whose lecture we never miss and whose teachings are always appreciated by us. I also had such a teacher in my life, and I can proudly say that I am what I am because of my parents and my favorite teacher Harjeet Kaur. Here is how I learned to be the best from my favorite teacher:

  • My favorite teacher used to teach me Math, and I studied at her house or should I say I took tuition classes from her for seven consecutive years. She taught me from class 6th to class 12th, and I can say that those were my best years in school or even in college because I never felt any problem in studying math when she was with me.
  • I wasn’t only being taught about Math, but she taught me about moral values and etiquettes and ethics and a lot more which no other teachers taught me throughout my life.
  • Every time I gave an exam, she used to call me and ask about the exam and then I always went to her house to discuss the problems that I faced in the exams. I was being cared like a son by her, and my mother always had a feeling like she has given the responsibility for her son’s study to a very responsible lady.
  • I was also discounted in my tuition fees as she knew that I was not able to pay my fees due to my financial status. So she always took the fee of 1 month and taught me for three months for all the years that I have studied from her.
  • I was so frustrated when I came to know that my favorite teacher is traveling to abroad and she will settle there only. I got a feeling that I will never ever be able to study the way that I have studied for seven consecutive years. But she told me that it is not her it’s me who has done all the hard work, and I should not stop doing the hard work if I want to reach new heights in my career.

I miss her very much, and I feel that everyone should have a teacher like her in their lives because if you have a teacher like your family member, you will never get bored of her teachings.

By Vishakha