My Favorite Toy (Teddy Bear) – Short Essay

I am a girl, and there would rarely be a girl in this world who doesn’t love toys like Barbie dolls, Teddy bears even after getting into adulthood. I am an adult, and still, I can proudly say that my favorite toy teddy bear is my life and I can’t imagine sleeping without the toy kept beside me. Here is how this toy became my favorite and some other fun facts about Teddy bears:

  • My teddy bear was gifted to me by my uncle when I was in class 8th on my birthday, and it was so beautiful and lovely when I had seen it the first time, and I kept on adoring it for the whole day and then kept me near my sleeping space and slept while hugging it. This routine has been followed till now as well.
  • Whenever I feel like I need to take my frustration out on someone, it is my innocent teddy bear, which bears all my anger and still doesn’t utter a single word back and I love my teddy bear for that.
  • I am very fortunate that even after having little to no friends, I have a best friend with whom I can share all my secrets and who wouldn’t tell anyone about it. We share a bond which two sisters or two best friends can share.
  • I always have a habit of making dresses for my teddy bear, and I make him wear all those cute dresses that I make for him which makes him cuter than ever before.
  • Looking at my love for teddy bears, my father me two more teddy bears previous year which is smaller in size from the one that I had, and it seemed like I have been gifted with two more babies which I need to take care of.

So, these were a few fun facts about my favorite toy teddy bear. I can cut myself into pieces, but I wouldn’t let a scratch come to the body of my teddy bears.

By Vishakha