Short Essay on Wild Animals

Wild animals are those animals that survive on their own in the wild: the natural environment. These animals have not been domesticated or tamed. Therefore, they tend to be unpredictable, unfriendly to humans and can be mischievous. These are animals that need no help from human beings such as shelter, food, or water.

Wild animals are precious to us in so many ways. They are also valuable to the world as a whole. That is why countries and organizations are paying a lot of attention towards preserving our wild animals. People have been killing these animals to use some of their parts to make various items such as accessories. Therefore, the number of wild animals keep dropping and some are facing extinction. This must change and here are the reasons why.

Why preserving wild animals is essential

They balance the ecosystem

The ecosystem is crucial for survival and healthy existence. Plants, micro-organisms, and animals have all interconnected thanks to food chains and food webs that we have. These food systems have been designed to ensure that there is no too much of anything or too little of it. Therefore, when wild animals decrease in numbers or become extinct, the whole ecosystem will be affected adversely. For instance, there are so many carnivorous wild animals that are being poached and hunted down. When they increase significantly, we will have a high number of herbivorous. When animals and human beings start to fight for plants, what kind of life will that be? In no time, the greenery will be gone and then what? Life may get to a place that is terrible.

They are excellent for wildlife tourism

Tourism is an excellent source of economic gain for any country. Wild animals are part of the reason why people travel across the world. Some species cannot survive in one country, but they exist in another. People will journey all the way to catch a view of these animals. If they become extinct, tourism will go down and so will the economy.

Wild animals are a gift to us from above. We need them, and so does nature. Therefore, let us take care of them.

By Lorah