Short Essay on Wildlife Protection

There are hundreds of wild animals in the world which die daily, and a lot of species are on the verge of getting extinct, and that is why people around the world and various organizations as well are making various strategies for wildlife protection.

Wildlife, as we all know, is very important for our ecosystem because if any of the plants or animals of wildlife suffers from anything, the entire ecosystem will have to suffer in that case.

The biggest danger to wildlife is climate change because due to global warming, the days are getting hotter, rains are becoming heavier, and various climate changes are there. We all know that there are certain kinds of plants which grow in certain climates only and if that climate doesn’t exist, how will that plant grow? Certain natural phenomena like the earthquake, floods, etc. also create a huge danger for wild animals.

Poaching, deforestation, pollution, etc. are leading to the invasion of wildlife habitats and people while cutting trees or poaching animals do not think about the ecosystem but after a few years, they will curse themselves of the deeds that they would have done.

The government has made lots of rules and has also tied up with various non-governmental organizations by which wildlife could be conserved in every way possible.

The main objective of the government is to maintain the ecological processes, preservation of flora and fauna and sustainable circumstances to be given to various species of plants and animals. Various people are working on wildlife conservation, and the condition is still not good, but it is not that bad as it was a few years back.

Wildlife protection is an important step, and people from all over the world should gather and help everyone so that the ecosystem of the world can get back to normal once again. Poaching of animals, cutting of trees or spoiling any other ecological process should be a punishable offense, and it is a punishable offense in a lot of countries. The ecosystem can only be saved if people all around the world get combined and work together against the people causing the ecosystem all the damages.

By Vishakha