What Is History? – Short Essay

What is history? History is a very important topic in everyone’s life because to know about anything, we inquire about its past, and by inquiring about its past, we determine the position in the present as well as future. For example, while buying shares in share market, we research a lot about company’s history and previous day shares and current shares, and then only we decide that whether in future the company can provide you benefit or not. In a similar way, history has huge importance in our life because in our day to day lives, there are a lot of things and processes which are attached with history and if we will not know about history, we wouldn’t attain the best efficiency about anything in the present. Here is the importance of history in our lives:

  • There are lots of situations in the current world when one needs to predict about the future economic conditions of a place, and during that time, if someone doesn’t go through the past economic conditions of that place, he can’t predict about the future unless he is a magician or a liar.
  • One cannot know about the culture he is living in unless he gets the knowledge of the history behind it because nowadays nobody gives huge importance to a culture, but if somebody really wants to gain some knowledge, he needs to read the history of it.
  • Reading and getting the knowledge of history also allow people to exercise their critical thinking skills and according to various researches, there are very fewer topics available which can exercise critical thinking of a human being.
  • History gives us the answer to various WHYs in our lives. Why Brahmins are there, why religions are divided, why people are divided country wise etc. kind of questions can easily be there in anyone’s mind, and the only solution to these kinds of questions is history.
  • History has a lot of situations which you can deal with your day to day life, and if you read history, you will know how to deal in various problems in any situation, and thus history can help you in various ways.

Though history is very boring as a subject for a lot of people, it is very important to know that history is one of the building blocks for any human being and if someone really wants to learn something, he should learn about the history of various countries, places, etc.

By Vishakha