Does luck play an important part in success? – Essay

What is the role of luck when it comes to success? The most important thing is your belief in progress. I believe lucks plays a role when it comes to success because life is unpredictable. That is why to be successful you need to take risks. Therefore, for your risks to pay off, you need luck.

When you are hardworking to achieve your dream and goals, it means there are higher chances of lucky things happening to you. However, people don’t tell the luck behind their success that is why this article will cover the importance of luck that you need to know.

Meeting the right people at the right time

To achieve this luck plays a significant role. You don’t know who and when the right person will come into your life. It is not in our hands, but it depends on our lucky you are.

Grabbing good opportunities

Opportunities knock once at your door. Good chances come to lucky people. To succeed you need to seize all these lucky opportunities.

It brings motivation

When luck favors you, irrespective of the challenges that you face when pursuing your success you will always be motivated. It makes you be optimistic and see your success coming your way.

It gives you hope

People who believe that they are lucky never loses hope. They keep working hard knowing that someday their prayers will be answered and they will achieve their goals.

It brings hard work

Successful people admitted that determination and luck propelled them to work extra hard to achieve their goals. By setting and achieving their objectives, they eventually became successful

It makes you listen to your heart

Lucky people listen to the instincts because luck is like a spirit. What your heart compels you to go for don’t be too deaf to hear because it might be your stepping stone to your success

It improves confidence

Fear hinders people from meeting their success. Luck makes you have the belief that you equally have the opportunity to success just like the other people.

It strengthens the Pygmalion effect

This is a phenomenon of believing that good things will happen in your life. This instills positive thoughts which will after that bring good fortunes. The difference between lucky and unlucky people is the way they think.

It makes you embrace change

Luck will make you accept evolution and try new things. This will open doors for new opportunities which are ideal for your success.

It sustains your focus

Luck makes you see yourself achieving your dream. Therefore, for that to be possible, you need to stay focused on your goals which will lead you to your success.

It influences your behavior

For you to achieve your dreams, you need to shape your response and have the right virtues for success. Therefore, luck gives you the need to build on this behavior

It determines the measure of success

Luck determines whether your success will be big or small. Therefore, no matter your effort you need luck for success

It gives you strength to face challenges

Luck advocates the aspect of pressing on despite how your current situation is. This is mainly because no one is certain of the future.

It makes you get involved in many activities

Luck makes you be proactive and get involved in many events which will cumulatively bring success.

It makes you believe in yourself

Luck makes you have a strong belief that you will someday make it to your success.


Generally, lucky people have different stories on how they became successful. Interestingly, hard work only doesn’t make you successful you need to be a lucky person to land into good deals which will bring about your success. Therefore, there is no doubt that luck plays a role in being successful.

By IsaacV