My Bicycle – Short Essay

Everyone in their childhood has asked their fathers to buy them a bicycle at some interval of time. But it was different in my case as my father didn’t wait for me, he brought a bicycle for me looking at which I just became the happiest person alive. I have lots of stories to share about my bicycle and here are a few of them:

  • First of all, I had my first bicycle when I was in class 6th, and that was a bicycle that could be driven by a child as well as an adult, and that is why I got so in love with it that I drove it till I was 20.
  • It was from the company HERO, and my father had bought me from the company whose brand ambassador was my favorite actor Hrithik Roshan, so the bicycle ultimately became my favorite thing to have a ride on.
  • I have seen seven years of my school life and three years of my college life on my bicycle only, and I was never ashamed of riding a bicycle because I love fitness and riding a bicycle means that you will be fit and burn more calories than riding a bike or car to the college.
  • Even after riding my bicycle for so long, I didn’t sell my bicycle to anyone I just handed it over to a person who needed it more than me, and whenever I see my bicycle, all my memories from that bicycle come alive.
  • A single gift from my father gave me so much that I didn’t have to request anyone to take me anywhere till my 20s as my bicycle was enough to carry me wherever I wanted to.

These were some memories of my bicycle which my father gifted me. However, nowadays, either child don’t want to have a bicycle, or they don’t ride one because they feel that riding a bicycle means that you can’t afford a bike or a car. However, for me, riding a bicycle meant that I would be having better fitness than any of my friends.

By Vishakha