Short Essay on My Favorite Pet (Dog)

My Favorite Pet (Dog)

I was never a fan of having dogs as pets, but a suggestion of my younger brother changed my vision completely. Now I have a dog, and I can proudly say that my favorite pet dog is Labrador. Dogs are great as pets, and a lot of people think the same as I think due to the cuteness the dogs have, due to security reasons and due to the loyalty that dogs have to their owners. Dogs have considerable importance in everyone’s life and here is the importance that dogs have in my life:

  • My day doesn’t get started until I am being awakened by my Labrador which I have named Sean. I can’t wake myself up until Sean starts licking my mouth cutely and sometimes it acts as an excellent alarm for me as well.
  • In the history, it has been said that dogs had sacrificed their food for humans when the Lord had given an option to the dogs that whether they want food for themselves or the humans. It is our ethical duty to feed every dog that we find in our near places, and that is why the first thing I do after being awakened is feeding my Labrador.
  • Dogs are always great for house security whenever the entire family is going somewhere, you can’t just rely on the cameras or the locks, dogs are always the best option as the noise they do awake the nearby people, and eventually, the theft never happens.
  • I am a pet lover, and the cost of acquiring a dog as a pet is very less which attracted me the most and I bought this beautiful Labrador a few years back who I cannot live without now.
  • You will always see that whenever you have fed a dog, he will come to you or near your places so that you can feed him every day. Though you may feel hectic about the same, if you are feeding him daily, the dog will help you out in some problems that you may have never even thought about, and this is from personal experience as a dog saved me from some robbers trying to rob me.

Dogs are being loved by maximum people all around the world and those who do not love them, shall at least try to keep dogs as pets in their houses for a few days, and I guarantee it that they too will fall in love with them.

By Vishakha