Short Essay on Video Games

Video games always act as the best pass time regardless of the fact that whether you are young or old because playing video games don’t require any physical activity, it just requires your mind to be fully indulged into the game to win it. Playing video games has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages, and we will discuss a few of them below:


  • Research has found that playing video games can enhance our visualization and impulsiveness because playing video games means that you are practicing yourself to be impulsive and when you repeat the same scenario again and again, you get a habit of it, and that is how one gets impulsive by playing video games.
  • Video games can also be used in a therapeutic way because video games reduce stress and depression and a lot of people feel very good while playing video games and that is why it can be used as therapy as well.
  • People also suffer from learning problems, and if they are given the scenario of playing video games, it has been found that their ability of learning gets improved in various manners.


  • The biggest disadvantage of playing video games is that one gets addicted to it and can’t give proper time to his family and can’t even give time to himself as well in some cases which can be very dangerous, and it can also cause fights between people.
  • When people get addicted to the game, and they are unable to win on a certain day, they get very aggressive, and some of them even become violent which is very bad for every human being, and that is why it is said that one should never play video games excessively.


These were a few advantages as well as disadvantages of playing video games. Video games are good to be played for pass time, but it should never become a habit for anyone as the disadvantages of playing video games are far way more than the advantages attached to it, and for the sake of a few advantages, one shouldn’t get addicted to playing games.

By Vishakha