Short Essay on ‘Well Begun Is Half Done’

There is a great proverb in the English Language which says” Well begun is half done” and this proverb is meant for those who do not attempt anything for the first time because they have a fear that they will not be able to do it. According to this proverb, if one has started any work, half of his work is already done, and now he just has to complete the other half. The proverb has a lot of importance in various situations in our lives and here are a few examples of those situations:

  • Proposing someone is very fearful for everyone because if you are a friend to the other person, you might have a feeling that proposing means that your friendship would be ruined. But you need to see that proposing can also mean that you can become more than friends and it is possible that the other person would never have thought about you in any other way and proposing her would let her think about you in that way and if she feels comfortable about it, you will be in a relationship. Its only about having the courage to propose the person you love.
  • Leaving your job for your passion is a great difficulty, but just think about it that if you don’t leave your job now, you will regret all your life that you could have followed your passion and due to fear you didn’t, and now you are cursing yourself. Show some courage and at least try, because anything you do with passion will bring you happiness and definitely a lot of money as well.
  • Opening a business for the first time is the most difficult process on earth for a lot of people. But it is the little fear that needs to be vanished from inside you because if you have taken the first step to open the business, the inner champion of you will come out and will give you the power to handle the business yourself. It’s just about the first step in opening the business.
  • Though the proverb has great importance, there are some other sayings as well, which tells that one should not have initiated a process if he didn’t want to fulfill it. It means that one should only initiate a process if he has the ability, the power, the passion and a mission to accomplish the task.
  • The above-said proverb can be explained with an example of GPS setting because when we want to go somewhere, we just take a step of adding the address on mobile Maps and then it takes us to the destination. Similarly, you just need to take a step ahead in your life, and then it will be in God’s hands where he takes you.

So, this was everything about the famous proverb well begun is half done, which means that initializing a process is difficult, if the start happens, half of the work is already accomplished.

By Vishakha