My City – Short Essay

Everyone has a great affection for their city and fortunately all my family members from all my forefathers to myself have taken birth in the city that I am currently living in which is Amritsar. Amritsar is a holy city, and everyone has someday wished to visit Amritsar one day, and I am fortunate enough to take birth in such a beautiful and peaceful place. I love my city and here are some features due to which my love for my city has increased:

  • My city is famous because of various things and one of the most famous places in India or should I say around the world “The Golden Temple,” is situated in Amritsar where people from around the world gather daily to pray for their better lives.
  • Amritsari food is famous worldwide, and it is said that the taste that the food of Amritsar has, can’t be attained anywhere else because it is made from the sweet and holy water of Amritsar which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Amritsar has produced lots of famous celebrities like famous Bollywood celebrities and various cricketers which have made Indians proud worldwide. Amritsarians have the skills and determination to achieve all the goals that they set, and that is why they are getting famous worldwide.
  • Amritsar has a very peaceful environment and people from various other cities come here to celebrate their holiday with great relaxation. That is why the government of India has recently Announced Amritsar as one of the most popular tourist attractions in India.
  • There is little to no traffic, very little pollution and quite clean roads and that is why Amritsar has scored good marks on the list of cleanest cities in India. I think Amritsar needs improvement in its cleanliness, but still, it is better than a lot of metropolitan cities.

All these features make my city one of the best cities in the world, and I can’t even think of shifting to any other city for my entire life.

By Vishakha