Short Essay on ‘Dream of My Life’

Everybody around the world has various dreams that he wants to fulfill. A lot of dreams remain dreams only as people don’t do their best to make their dreams come true but I am not from those people as if I have decided to do something in my life, I will make sure that I will do it regardless of the number of problems that I will have to face. The dream of my life is enormous though, and it wouldn’t only affect my future, but it will also affect the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. I have a dream where there is no one begging on the streets or trains or at other public places because all those people would have food, shelter, and clothes to wear provided by an organization that I will build:

  • I need a lot of money to make my dream come true and I have realized that there is no one except myself to help me and that is why I am taking 6 hours of sleep only and for the rest of the 18 hours I am continuously working to make as much money as possible in a day so that it can contribute in building an organization.
  • Happiness is the key to a good life and for me, if all the beggars or all the poor and helpless people around the streets are happy, then it makes me the happiest person alive.
  • A drug-free nation is another ideology that I have kept in my mind, and while my first organization stands up, I will start making plans for helping people get rid of drugs as well.
  • I am not the kind of person who loves money, but I am the kind of person who is in love with everyone’s happiness, and if everyone is happy along with my family, I want nothing from my life.
  • The organization that I will build will not have any kinds of benefit for its workers and everybody contributing to it will have no benefit of it at all, and the sole benefit would be the immense amount of happiness.

This is my dream to spread happiness, and I am trying to do my best to fulfill my dream as soon as possible.

By Vishakha