Short Essay on Olympic Games

People compete in Olympic Games internationally, and over 200 countries compete. There are so many games that people compete depending on their category. The organization of the Olympic games is in such a way that it is capable of catering to so many kinds of talents in the sports industry. Here is a breakdown of the Olympic games.

Organization of the Olympics

Typically, the Olympics are organized in two. We have the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. These two types of Olympics are two years apart, and they keep interchanging. This means that after the summer Olympics, it will take four years before another summer Olympics is organized. Each of these Olympic games involves games that are best suited for the weather conditions.

Summer Olympics

For the summer Olympics, we have sports such as archery, baseball, boxing, badminton, canoeing and kayaking, cycling, athletics, fencing, swimming, and many more.

Winter Olympics

The winter Olympics involves the sports that are best suited for the snow and ice characteristics of winter. The first winter Olympics was in the year 1924, and this was in France. Some of the games that are included here are snowboarding, alpine skiing, ice hockey, skating, skeleton, freestyle skiing, and luge among others.

These are the two broad categories of the Olympics. However, we have other groups that still fall under summer and winter seasons. They are:

Paralympic games

These are the Olympic Games that involve those people with disabilities. The disabilities covered include poor muscle power, passive range of movement that is not correct, the difference in the leg lengths, limb deficiency, ataxia, intellectual problems, and a few others.

Youth Olympic games

These are games that only allow the young stars who are aged between 14 years and 19 years.


When the Olympic games of the season are over, the first three champions are awarded. Number one gets a gold medal, the 1st runners-up get a silver medal, and the 2nd runners-up get a bronze medal.


The Olympics have come a long way, and they are vital. It is a great way to encourage talented sportspeople.

By Lorah