Short Essay on School Excursions and Its Importance

School excursions are activities organized by the school whereby the students engage in activities that are educational, away from the usual school grounds. Being enclosed in one environment for a long period often leads to boredom and dullness. The practical part of the studies can only be realized through the same. Excursions are a great way to break this monotony.

Importance of School Excursions for Students

  • Reinforces the classroom material. When students are having a hard time, for example, understanding a history class, taking them to a museum and showing them the history would be a great way to boost their understanding.
  • Provides a cultural experience. School excursions expose students to different types of culture. This has proven to be very invaluable when it comes to their understanding and development.
  • New friends. During school excursions, students get an opportunity to interact with other new students. This gives them an opportunity to make new friends and spend time with other people, besides the normal faces that they are used to in their school setting.
  • Memories. School excursions are normally a fun experience for students. They get to share their adventure together and make lifelong memories. This is not possible in the confined school setting.
  • Appreciation. Getting away from the usual environment enables the students to appreciate what they leave behind. They get to experience life from another perspective, and they begin seeing value in what they have.
  • Better academic performance. School excursions enhance the students’ understanding of classroom material. They also get motivated during the excursions, and this translates into improved performance.
  • It is not always easy to be away from your usual environment. School excursions boost the confidence of students by exposing them to new environments. Overcoming the challenges encountered during excursions helps them to have confidence when dealing with such similar situations in the future.


The significant impact that school excursions have on students is incalculable. The educational, social and interpersonal benefits that come from going on school excursions help mold the students into better-performing people, and this eventually benefits the school in general. It is a practice that every school management should incorporate in the curriculum.

By Winnie