Short Essay on Water Cycle and Its Importance

The water cycle is the most important topic in environmental studies that should be known to every student or every living being on earth. In this cycle, the water being used on earth changes places and then the energy of the sun heats the water due to which the water gets converted into a gas which is also called water vapor. When the water vapors get cool, they get condensed and get themselves placed in the clouds, and the water comes back to earth in the form of rain, etc. The rainwater is absorbed by the land on earth which provides the greenery or fertilized land on earth.


It can be clearly seen that the water cycle has huge importance and these points can explain it in more details:

  • The natural supply of water depends upon the water cycle and if the water cycle is not there, nor there would be any human being because there would be no water as well.
  • If the water cycle doesn’t work properly, the aquatic life will die very soon because they wouldn’t get water to live in and thus would die very soon.
  • All the food resources, plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicines, and various other things need an immense amount of water to be grown properly and if water is not there, nor will be any of the items, and thus life would become very difficult for everyone.
  • If the water cycle doesn’t work properly, there wouldn’t be any seas, lakes or rivers because all of them will lose their water very soon and even the mountains having snow on them will lose their snow very soon, and hence life on earth will be near to no more.
  • All these four points explain the importance, thus it is important that the water cycle should remain the same because all the greenery, water resources, food items, beverages and a lot of other things depend upon the working of water cycle, and if the working of this cycle fails, a human being will suffer like never before, and there would make no ways for a human being to have a life.

These were a few important points about water cycle which is being taught to students from class 4th till the time they study science, but it should be known to everyone, even those who haven’t taken science as a subject.

By Vishakha