Short Essay on Water Park Picnic

Water parks are amusement parks that consist of lots of slides, playgrounds, swimming pools and lots of other areas which are full of water but are covered with various roundabouts. Water parks are mostly the favorite place to visit for every child and a lot of families during the summer visit various water parks as well. There are a lot of famous water parks around the world, and here a few of those water parks would be discussed where one can enjoy a water park picnic with his family:

  • At the first position is one of the most famous water parks of the world “Aquatica” which is situated in Orlando, Florida. The place contains two enormous pools which look amazing and there is a beach built beside it as well which is covered with various kinds of sands perfect for a family vacation or picnic.
  • Aquaventure water park located in Dubai is another beautiful place that one should definitely visit with his family. It has the world’s longest water slide which is 2.3 km in length and some water coasters as well. There other attractions as well which are worth a visit and that is why a lot of people gather here every day.
  • At no. 3 is Area 47 situated in Innsbruck, Austria. This water park is opened from April to September, and it acts as a perfect destination for enjoying as the park has lots of water rides, a hydrospeed slide and a diving tower as well due to which a visit to this place becomes an unforgettable memory for everyone.
  • We have talked about the world’s best water parks; now we will discuss a couple of India’s best water parks as well. At first place is the Water Kingdom which is located in Mumbai. It is Asia’s biggest water park and one of the oldest parks in India. Visitors acclaim that the park is growing beautiful day by day. There is an artificial beach as well as Essel world in the park which makes your visit more exciting and all this excitement comes at a very less cost as well.
  • At second no. is Bangalore’s Wonder La which is famous for the combination of theme park and water park this place has. The place is full of water rides, and it is enjoyable for the young as well as old aged people. It has also been said that the no. of rides is so high that people can’t complete all the rides in one day.

These were a few exciting places where one can enjoy a family water park picnic and have fun with their families.

By Vishakha