An Exciting Journey – Short Essay

I am a born traveler and traveling is in my blood because my father used to be a tourism expert and hence they used to travel to various places every year. Similarly, I also have a passion for traveling due to which I joined a travel agency as a trainee and due to which I get to see various places and go to various exciting journeys. Here I would like to discuss an exciting journey, which is still fresh in my memories.

  • In Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, a travel expo named SATTE is held every year, and the previous year I too had a chance to visit this amazingly built place. My colleagues had told me about the procedure that I need to follow and how will I meet various tourism of various nations and what discussion I need to do with them. So I had prepared myself really well.
  • I boarded a train to New Delhi a night before the SATTE was going to be held. I took a nap and reached midway, and suddenly I heard an announcement that the train I have boarded on, will not move ahead for around five more hours as the engine has failed and other problems are also being faced by the Loco Pilots.
  • I immediately decided to move from the train to a different one as I had to reach on time as our travel agency only had one day pass in the SATTE and I had to take maximum benefits of that.
  • I heard an announcement that another train would be reaching the station in a while which is also going to New Delhi. So, I decided to board that train. The train arrived, I asked the TTE for a seat, and he offered me a vacant seat after giving me an empty fare ticket, and I boarded the train.
  • The train took me to my destination on my time and fortunately I had the time to change my clothes and freshen myself before going to meet all the international travel agencies and tourism people of various nations.

At some point of time, I felt that I would never reach to my destination on time as I was stuck on a station at 3 AM which was 300kms farther from New Delhi and I had no expectation of any other train to arrive on the station at that time. But luckily a train arrived, and it leads me to a mind-blowing experience in SATTE, and I can say that it was a scary yet very exciting journey for me.

By Vishakha