Essay on Freedom: Meaning and Importance

Freedom – Meaning

Freedom is more than the right to do whatever you want. None of us should live that way. It means securing an equal opportunity for liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone regardless of their social status. One way to understand this is to be able to differentiate between freedom to, freedom of and freedom from.

Therefore, living in a society where freedoms are protected and where exercising freedom is assured, there is a need to have a reliable system of governance. Having a liberal democracy will be suitable to achieve this.

Importance of freedom

Throughout history, man has made several endeavors to live free. So today let us have a look at the influence of liberty

Enables us to choose our goals freely

Setting goals are essential in life. Freedom gives us the mandate to set various objectives in our lives and work towards achieving them.

Free to make decisions

When one is held in captivity, he depends solely on the decisions made by his captor. However, freedom has given us that mandate to have that choice to make decisions day in day out.

We can pursue our happiness

Without freedom, it would be hard to spend time with our families and friends and having fun. It gives us the energy to work towards anything that brings us joy in our lives.

Enables us to add value to life

Logically speaking adding value in life is purely a product of the choices we make. This explains why in a function there is designated place for VIPs and just the average person. It is per the value that someone has.

It gives us the energy to explore our talents and abilities

Freedom enables you to follow your earth and make good use of your expertise and skills to make your life better.

It gives us the mandate to be Entrepreneurs

We are free to make any amount of money through our service delivery. You can make money by investing in your business anywhere in the world without fear.

It is a source of inspiration

Freedom gives us the hope to face tomorrow despite the challenges we face today. It is an assurance that we will someday live a brighter future.

It makes us determined and persistent when pursuing our dreams

Freedom can be equated to the burning desire to stay focused on the paths that lead us to our dream. No one has the right to question what your career goals are or be a hindrance to achieving these goals

It is a source of healthy life

Being a free man implies you have the right to develop yourself spiritually, socially and economically. All these collectively results in a healthy living

It gives us to exercise our democratic rights

Freedom is a go-ahead mandate to exploit your democratic rights fully. Through this, your opinion counts, and it can transform to a better society

We can improve the world

When we have the freedom to pursue our passions and contribute the wholesome growth and development in our communities by making a difference.

It increases social harmony

Freedom allows us to live within limits such that our actions can’t be a nuisance to others. Through this, it is an act of being mindful of other people in the society thus living together in harmony.

We can be the best version of ourselves

We are free to be the best person, best parent, best student, best co-worker and possibly the best team member. You have no choice but to live the best life you can

It brings peace

Countries that lack the freedom to have constant civil wars. Therefore, this implies that without freedom the world would be at war

It allows for innovation

A liberal mind can come up with better, cheaper, faster and more innovative methods of doing this. This elevates our living standards.

It allows for good governance

Freedom allows the government to provide more protection and services to its people. Without freedom, laws would have been changed which would bring suffering to the less fortunate members of the society


Do not take freedom for granted. Enjoy the rights and liberties that have been given wisely. Utilize this opportunity and always live a better life. Don’t be limited by doubt and fear but pursue your dream until you achieve it.

By IsaacV

Last updated on May 5, 2020