My Country (India) – Short Essay

Everybody in this world has a soft corner for their country, and there would rarely be a person who doesn’t love his country. There are 195 countries in the world currently, and I am in love with the country which is the best in the world and, i.e., my country – India. India is a country growing regularly, and I am sure that slowly it will become one of the supreme powers of the world. Here are some qualities of my country:

  • India has one of the most fertilized lands due to which a lot of grains, and other fruits and vegetables get exported to lots of other countries.
  • India has a vast population, and we are in the second position in terms of maximum population. However, I will consider India as a country of 1.3 billion minds, and if we combine these 1.3 billion minds, there wouldn’t be a single country ahead of us in any field.
  • India is ahead a lot of countries in many sports. In cricket and Badminton, the top-ranked male players are from India. And India is continuously winning lots of medals and trophies in various other sports as well.
  • India has the most diversified culture as in every corner of the country, you will get to hear different folk songs, you will get to eat different food items, and you will get to see people wearing a different kind of attires.
  • Indian cinema is famous worldwide and people like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc. have a huge international fan following. In addition to it, Indian music is going international as well as people are admiring and accepting Indian music internationally nowadays.

I don’t have sufficient words to describe my country because for me I would have never enjoyed my life like I enjoy in my country and moreover I would have never learned morals and values that I have learned by living and taking birth in India. I want to proclaim that there can never be a country as beautiful as India.

By Vishakha