My Daily Life – Short Essay

Everybody has some daily routines that one follows and like everyone I also have a routine which I follow every day and here are some essential points of my daily life:

  • I wake up every day at around 6 AM in the morning, and I go for a walk. While returning home, I make sure that I visit the temple every day to pray for me and my family’s good being.
  • I live away from my family, and that is why I cook all my meals myself. And I prepare meals for the rest of the day in the morning only. For breakfast, I cook four eggs omelet with a cup of chocolate flavored oats. For my lunch, I cook two cups of rice with a palm full of spinach and around 150 grams of chicken. And for my dinner, the same meal as lunch follows but the rice is not there for dinner.
  • I go to my office at around 9 Am in the morning and work until it gets 1 PM when it is lunch time. After half an hour I get back to my work again. I get free from work at around 5:30PM, and I head straight to my house.
  • After returning, I change my clothes, get comfortable and make black coffee for me. Then I hit the gym for around an hour, and after the workout, I drink a smoothie containing milk, banana, cocoa powder, protein isolate powder and half cup oats which I feel is the best for a post workout meal.
  • Afterward, I complete any other tasks in the day, and as I love writing, I try to write some stories or blogs on various platforms. After writing and eating my dinner, it is time for meditation for around 15 minutes, and then I go to sleep at around 12 AM.

This is my daily life, and I have to strictly follow this routine because I live away from my parents and if I do not show my friends that I am exercising regularly and eating healthy diets only, they will forcefully take me to various restaurants daily where I will have to eat unhealthy food daily.

By Vishakha