My Dream House – Short Essay

My Dream House

Everybody has a dream in their life that they want to fulfill someday in their lives. Similarly, I have a dream to buy a house all by myself and make my parents proud of me. I have an imagination or should we say a picture of my dream house and I would like to discuss that:

  • My dream house would be located in a metropolitan city at a location from where the railway station, bus stand, and the airport is not very far and from where all the supermarkets are nearby as well.
  • My dream house would be having two floors, i.e., ground floor and first floor only. On the ground floor, my Mom and Dad would be living, and in addition to it, there would be two bathrooms, a kitchen and two more rooms on the ground floor. On the first floor, I along with my brother would be staying, and we will be having a customized gymnasium and a snooker table on the first floor which will bring some sort of entertainment in the house.
  • In my dream house, I would have two cars. One would be for my parents to go if they want to roam around the city alone and one would be for the entire family which would be having more seats to accommodate more people.
  • My house would also have a beautiful garden and a great parking area as well. In addition to it, my house would be decorated with beautiful and bright lights throughout the day.
  • I love dogs so I would have two puppies in my house which I would feed and take along to walk every day.

Here is the image of my dream house and I am pretty sure that by God’s grace I will definitely fulfill my dream of building such a house. And people should also watch such kind of dreams because by watching such dreams, we get a kick of moving ahead in our lives and getting to a good position in our careers.

By Vishakha