My Favorite Player – Short Essay

I love cricket. It is my hobby, my pass time, my passion and my obsession because I can’t live without cricket and everybody in my house knows it very well. I can be busy all day, but if I am asked to play or watch cricket, I am going to stop my work for that purpose. Whenever there is a match who live telecast is being shown, I never skip watching it no matter how much difficulty I have to face. And when I am watching my favorite player play, then there is no chance that I will be doing any other task than watching cricket.

My favorite player is Rohit Sharma, the famous Indian opening batsman and current Indian skipper for Asia Cup 2018. Here are some details about my favorite player:

  • He is known to be the most talented batsman of our country, and some even say that he is the most talented around the world. Initially he struggled to play cricket but he was given chances, and fortunately, he scored big on those chances and became an essential member of Indian cricket team.
  • He is from Mumbai, and he recently got married to Ritika Sajdeh who is known to be his lucky charm because every time she is present in the stadium, Rohit plays such a knock which is remembered for years. Example? We all might remember his innings of 209 against Sri Lanka in 2017, and it was Ritika and Rohit’s anniversary on that day where he gifted a perfect double century to her wife who was present in the stadium praying for him all the time.
  • Rohit Sharma is a brand ambassador for a lot of companies, and I try to buy all the things that he sells on the Television.
  • Rohit Sharma holds the record of scoring three double centuries in ODI which I think wouldn’t be broken very easily by anyone. Me as a cricket player, just think about scoring centuries, and this guy has scored three double centuries very easily.
  • The management has a great eye on him, and he is being given chances to lead the team whenever Virat Kohli is not available. So it can clearly be said that the next Indian captain is Rohit Sharma and when that will happen, I would be the happiest man on earth.

This was my love and some details about my favorite player Rohit Sharma who is preparing himself to play the best cricket of his life, this season.

By Vishakha