Short Essay on Sweeper

A sweeper is technically a person who sweeps the land allotted to him for the purpose that there shouldn’t be any kind of dirt or litter in that land. For the cleaning purpose, that person can use his bare hands, some tools for cleaning or he can use the latest technology and sweep the area with electric sweepers available in the market now. No matter how the land is swept, the important point is that the land should be swept every day in order to attain a better environment.

Regular street sweeping means that people walking on those streets wouldn’t get affected by any kind of pollutants and moreover if any food is being sold on those streets can be lesser affected by pollution.

There are hundreds of tools available in the market for sweeping various kinds of lands and wastages and sweepers need to determine the perfect tool for the perfect situation so that no pollution, dirt, litter or water should be there on any kind of land. These tools give the advantage to sweepers for better sweeping.

Even if somebody doesn’t walk on the land or streets, still it is very natural that the land would be having some kind of dirt or shall we say that it will get polluted, so it is the kind duty of the sweepers to sweep the land daily.

We all know that there are several diseases in medical science which occur due to getting in touch with excessive pollution and sweeping is the only way with which one can get away from various kinds of pollutions.

Sweeping will also help in bettering the atmosphere because sweeping the land on a daily basis means that we wouldn’t find any litter on the streets and thus we can have a better atmosphere and when we will look around, we will feel that we are living on a better surface in a better city as all the litter, dirt, garbage would be kept at a separate land made for that purpose only.

If the land gets swept every day everywhere, there would be a fewer number of health problems in the world than there are now.

By Vishakha