How I Spent My Holidays – Short Essay

Holidays are fun, and there would rarely be a person who spends his holidays sitting at his house, and I am not from those rare species at all, I am a fun loving person, and I like to travel a lot whenever I get some holidays in my busy schedule. I had saved lots of weekly offs from my job so that I could travel to Leh-Ladakh for a week and here is how I spent my holidays in Leh-Ladakh a few days back.

  • I always had a dream of enjoying my holidays by going to Leh-Ladakh on a bike, and I am very happy that I lived my dream to the extent that no one can ever match.
  • Going from Punjab to Kashmir on a bike was a lot of fun. It took me more than a day to reach my destination as the destination is around 900 km from my hometown and also I was alone, so my body needed rest too.
  • I kept feeding myself with energy drinks and healthy food so that I don’t suffer from body pain during any interval of time. And when I reached there, my happiness had no levels. It is such a beautiful place that if we do not go to such a place, we can only watch sceneries like it on Google.
  • Mountains and hills covered with forests and bridges built on lakes and rivers literally gave me Goosebumps when I crossed them.
  • The motive was not only to visit the marvelous place but was also to taste the delicious food that Kashmiris have to offer. So as expected, Kashmiri food was out of the world, just amazing and when I asked for the recipe of the Mutton that I had, the vendor shocked me by saying that he had only added salt and Red chili powder which made such a delicious mutton which I also tried making at my home after returning but the taste never came out to be so delicious like the original. It took me seven days to complete my journey and come back, I was tired, but the memories that I had created after visiting a heavenly place like Leh-Ladakh, were just amazing.

This was how I spent my holidays, everybody loves to travel, and hence it can be said that holidays are meant for traveling only.

By Vishakha