I Love My India – Short Essay

A person would be called a traitor if he is living in a country but he doesn’t love his country. I am definitely not a traitor because I love my country more than anything else. Like all the countries, staying in India also has some pros and cons but still, I love my India, here is why:

  • The culture that India has, I feel no other country would be having. Bowing down to your elders, praying in temples, treating the water of rivers as holy water, and treating the land of our country as our motherland is something which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
  • India is slowly becoming the superpower of the world, and we are attaining this even after we had been ruled by various rulers in the past.
  • India has one of the most massive armies in the world, I also want to be a part of our army.
  • India has produced some of the greatest geniuses in the world like the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best hockey players ever Major Dhyan Chand, Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai and a lot of other Indians who are currently holding a great post in companies like Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

This is why I love my India.

By Vishakha