Short Essay on Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity

If we have gotten a lot in our lives for which we did not struggle at all, then we should consider ourselves very lucky because, in today’s world, you need to grind, you need to struggle, you need to be at your best to achieve something in your life. And the quote “sweet are the uses of adversity” literally tells you the same thing that struggling hard for something is not bad every time because struggling makes us a better human being and when we fight with a situation and come out winning, it makes us even stronger a man than we ever were. The quote can be explained with a few examples, here are they:

  • Suppose you are arguing with your boss because he has asked you to do something that you have never done, and you know you will struggle to complete that task. Now here is the point when you have completed the task without anyone’s help, here you will get this quote because you know that you will be better than before and Sweet are the uses of adversity is perfectly written.
  • Here we will take an example of your crying because you lost a friend who you felt was the backbone of your business and without whom you can’t run your business, and then suddenly you feel that you are actually doing better without him. It will be because when you will struggle for a few days without him, you will know more about the business and thus you will do better than ever before.
  • Here we will take an example of a child dreaming about buying a Mercedes. The struggle he will do to achieve his dream one day will pinch him very much each and every day. But when he achieves that dream that would be the best day of his life and that day he will recognize the meaning of struggle.
  • An army man struggles every day before joining the army, and when he joins the army and gets to wear the attire of an army man, that day he comes to know the meaning of his struggle.
  • A UPSC aspirant studies every day without even knowing whether he will be able to achieve his dream rank or not. But when he gets the rank, then he comes to know about the struggle he has done.

These were the few best examples that where the quote “Sweet are the uses of adversity” quote suits the best. Struggling is not a bad thing, as a winner never complains about the struggle that he has done.

By Vishakha