Short Essay on Youth Power (India)

Youth is the time when someone is young, and youth power means when all the young people combine for a noble cause or for a cause which they feel is beneficial for themselves or for a community or for the country as well. A lot of processes around the world are happening due to youth power only. India’s prime minister has himself said that youth has the power to turn a country from nowhere to the best country in the world, all they need is better nurturing than now. Here are how youth power acts as the best for the country:

  • Youth play an important role in every field, and as a lot of people in our country belong to a young age, a lot of youngsters act as trendsetters for other people as well. For example, a lot of young people are moving towards fitness, and this is leading a lot of people who were not interested in fitness, now loving their fitness routines because they want to look like others.
  • Youngsters like Virat Kohli, Varun Dhawan, etc. are setting great trends because both of the superstars, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and take special care of their body and their loved ones. And looking to their heroes, other young people will also tend to become like them which is great for the country point of view.
  • India’s youth is gaining name and fame everywhere. A lot of international companies have people who belong to India and they are trendsetters because they went to achieve their dream at such a young age and looking at them, a lot of people will dream themselves at their position and end up becoming even better than them.
  • If we talk about the girls, the women empowerment is taking place because a few young girls made India and their family proud at world level and due to which Indian girls are now coming out of their houses and raising their voices against any kind of problems.

Youth power is one of the biggest powers that a country has and it is due to the youth of India only that India is slowly becoming one of the best and super countries in the world.

By Vishakha