Short Essay on Soldiers are Real Heroes

Soldiers are real heroes in our societies considerably because of the huge sacrifice they make to keep us safe at the expense of their comfort and luxury. Not many people would take up the life of a soldier. It is not a smooth journey to go on, and it takes passion and a true calling to serve your community as a soldier. In case you are on the fence regarding whether to be one or not, this essay is for you.

A call to serve your country. Joining the army is not something any usual person does. It is a calling that comes from within. This is what helps soldiers to preserve during the tough training and the dangerous situations that they are exposed to.

Protection against the threat of invasion. A love for one’s country can drive them to become a soldier to protect their loved ones from dangers of invasion.

Personal satisfaction and pride. As a soldier, you will definitely take pride in yourself for your participation and devotion in serving the country.

Family tradition. Some people grow up in military homes, attend military schools and eventually end up being soldiers due to tradition.

Learning useful new skills. As a soldier, there are many useful skills to learn. The most important is learning how to defend yourself, your fellow soldiers and your country.

Personal improvement. Besides learning how to protect your country and operate weapons, there are personal skills you develop as a soldier that helps you to become a better person, for example, selflessness.


The life of a soldier is lonely and rough. We should honor the brave men and women who sacrifice the comfort of their lives and take up the mantle to ensure that our communities remain safe for everyone.

By Winnie