Essay on Importance of School in Our Life

School is important because it teaches on our surrounding world and the relevant information that we need to be successful in life. School equips us with social skills, work ethics and self-improvement. The knowledge and discipline can be acquired through our friends, relatives, various sporting activities and even religious places. These are expected to shape one’s life in all dimension of life, ranging from good habits to being responsible members of the society. Throughout our lives we are constantly learning new ideologies and discovering new things.

Importance of School in Our Life

To me school is important for shaping talents, creativity, good morals and having essential life skills. Continue reading to discover why school is important.

For happy and stable life

Schooling will guarantee you with all the happiness that you need in life. You certainly need to get educated in order to secure a lucrative job and a good social status in the society .Athletes tirelessly practices in the designated institutions and thereafter wins various medals in their competitions. All these works hand in hand to your happiness.


School will give you the power of money. It places one to a certain status which makes him or her have a high chances of securing highly paying job. Most of such jobs are usually pensionable thus you will reap its fruits even after you retire. Nowadays, money is important to live in the modern world but first seek education.


If you want to see the world as a place where justice and fairness is a necessity go for education. It eliminates tribal thoughts and marginalized status bases on gender and races. Schooling provides equal opportunity for the rich and the poor to live a better life.

It makes you self-dependent

To be a self-dependent all you need is to have the right information and skills. It makes you self-dependent straight from making your own decisions and living a free financial life.

It actualizes your dream

When we were young every dream was valid. Someday you must have dreamt to land in that dream job, have luxurious possessions and even be famous. All these, will be a reality if you pursue education at all costs.

It makes the world a safer place to live

Education enlightens you to understand and embrace differences of all kinds. An educated person understand that for one to understand others you ought to understand yourself. You will get to know your rights and utilize your freedom in a way that it doesn’t agitate your neighbor. By doing this you are promoting peace and social harmony

It makes you confident

Generally, an educated person is usually being listened to. This makes him more confident in expressing his ideas .You will be bolder because you know you views will be taken seriously and thereafter be implemented.

It makes you be a useful member of the society

Society has a belief that education brings about general transformation. A society which have more educated people experiences diverse developments in social, political and economic aspects. This collectively results in a better living standards.

Economic growth

Promotion of economic status is among the goals of education. Education brings overall change in infrastructure, industrialization, trade and medical field. This not only affects your life but it contributes to economic growth of the nation.

Saves you from being fooled

We live in a world where conning has taken a better part of the population. People have made tremendous loses on this but education will make you be alert and judge every point of reason which enables you to make an informed decisions.


Schooling enables you to live at peace with everybody. It improves on your social skills which is essential to live well with people and you get to make new friends.


An educated person understands the need to work as a team. Teamwork helps one to share ideas and to supplement each other weaknesses by capitalizing on the strengths.


Education prepares you for the future. It gives you a sense of being prepared for the responsibilities ahead.

It makes you stay informed

The world is evolving fast and information is vital for daily living due to changing trends. Therefore, with education you will always stay relevant despite the changing times.


The school is a source of inspiration. It gives one the energy to work tirelessly towards his vision. It guarantees success because generally the skills and expertise attained will eventually make you successful


Embrace education and you will enjoy many more benefits that it comes with it. You will never lament why you chose education that is why ignorance is not only expensive but you be a slave all the days of your life.

By IsaacV