I Want to Become a Doctor in Future – Short Essay

People of my age have different aspirations, and a lot of people can’t even stick to one goal that they would be following in their future. But fortunately I have chosen a goal that I will be following in the future, and I have some reasons for that. Here is why I want to become a doctor in future.

  • To become a doctor, I have to do lots of studies, lots of hard work and an enormous amount of determination is required to become a doctor. So, while I would be becoming a doctor, I will learn three arts of life, i.e., hard work, studying and determination, which will be very beneficial for me in the future.
  • Doctors do a very noble cause as they save lives and if we are getting a chance to save someone’s life, why would we ignore it. I want to save some lives, and that is why I want to become a doctor.
  • Currently, the youth is very dicey about their future as if someone is having arts, commerce or even science with math in his 10+1, 10+2, he has lots of career options, and if he doesn’t have a single aim, he would be very confused in future to achieve in something in life. But I will be a medical student, and that is why it is clear to me that I will either become a doctor or a medical teacher only.
  • I want to make my parents proud, and the life gives very fewer chances for that. Either I have to do such a deed where I get very famous, and everyone around the world gets to know me which will make my parents proud or I can become a doctor where if I helped some patients to get out of danger, their belongings would give me blessings, and it will also make my parents proud that their son is helping others for a noble cause and not for money.
  • Doctor’s profession has lots of money as well, and by becoming a doctor, a can take good care of my family, and I can feed them very well.

Here is why I wanted to become a doctor and help other people throughout my life.

By Vishakha