If I Ruled the World – Short Essay

It is very well known to everyone that there can’t be a single ruler to the entire world and there hasn’t been a single ruler to the entire world. The Mughals have covered a lot of part of the world, The English had covered a vast area as well, but there has never been a single ruler of the entire world. But many times I think what would have been happening in the world if I ruled the world. Here is my imagination:

  • If I were the ruler, I would have made a rule in which anybody who is obese and who is not taking proper and healthy meals would be fined every time he goes overweight, and for every day a person would be overweight, he needs to pay double the amount of his weight as fine.
  • There wouldn’t be any borders and people would be allowed to travel and live around the world without any kinds of visas, and if anybody wanted to have a permanent residence of a nation, he would have to give a technical and language test only.
  • Even if the entire world is calm and without worries, lots of securities persons would be hired to make sure that there isn’t any kind of violence happening in the world.
  • I would have made sure that the economic condition of nations around the world is very stable and I will try to invest in countries who are getting economically down. In this way, no person around the world would be suffering from poverty.
  • I would have made every sport popular around the world. For example, right now Rugby is not very popular in India but very popular around the world, and similarly, Cricket is very famous in India but not very famous in nations like the USA. In this way, every nation would have been a master of every sport.

So, this is how I would have ruled the world if I was considered the ruler of the world.

By Vishakha