My Favorite Holiday Trip – Short Essay

I have seen a lot of holiday destinations in my life. I have visited Manali, I have visited Goa, and I have visited a lot of other cities and famous tourist attractions. But my favorite holiday trip was when I traveled to New Delhi on my bike with a friend. Here are all the details about this amazing trip:

  • There wasn’t any specific reason to go to this amazing trip; it was just that my friend came to my house and we decided to go to a trip, and as the tickets were not booked, we decided to move by my bike. So we packed our bags, fueled our bodies with energy drinks and moved to our destination.
  • While going towards my destination, I had my breakfast, and my friend had it too. We both rested for some time and then moved towards the destination again.
  • Songs were being sung by both of us, and we were very loud and chilled out, and we didn’t even know where we have reached and how many kilometers we are lagging behind our destination.
  • It was the day I came to know that my bike works very well because it never gave any problem throughout the journey and it was a very smooth journey. My bike gave a high mileage, and it saved me some money which I had expected to be spent on the petrol.
  • When I reached the destination, I wandered all the places in Delhi, and I tasted every popular food item of Delhi and visited every famous or historical place of our nation’s capital. I just loved Delhi very much because I am a wanderer and it made me wander around so many wonderful tourist attractions. And also I am a food lover and the delicious food items that I had that day, I can’t even name them all. All I can say is that everything was so amazing in Delhi.

So, this was everything about my favorite holiday trip; this trip would be remembered by me forever because of the fun I had as well as because of the back pain that I got after the trip.

By Vishakha