Short Essay on Sports and Games

Sports and games are physical activities that are involved with the brisk exercises including several tactical and physical challenges. They are organized in particular schedules in every country at National and International level. It is organized as a competition for the participants of the different listed games and sports and also a way to entertain the spectators. The participants who are considered as the sportsperson should have athletic skills and energy to play the game actively. The athletic characteristic within a sports person includes stamina, speed, strength, accuracy, acceleration, etc. These activities are organized in a big arena with clear boundaries or in a stadium.

The benefits of playing games and sports are mentioned as below:

  1. Sports and games improve the health and bring stability in the sportsperson who practices regularly.
  2. It is a multi-beneficial field that nourishes the person with name, fame, fitness, and money.
  3. The field of sports blesses a person with a sound body and a sound mind too.
  4. It produces immense energy for any physical activities in the person.
  5. It also plays a great role in developing the human personality that involves attitude, punctuality, discipline, etc.
  6. It increases the level of concentration and patience within a sports person.
  7. Sports and games field introduces a bright career for the youths who are dedicated to the sports activities.

Thus it can be inferred for the above article that sports and games are a very important part of the society that uplifts the credentialed of a nation and also plays an essential role in the development of human personality. It has been made a compulsory subject in the primary and secondary school and a necessary part of education in several schools in many developed countries. It energizes the boys and girls for different kinds of physical activities and makes them spontaneous in performing every job. All the sports and games play an essential role in the physical and mental development of the children and adults.

By Vishakha