Short Essay on Tennis

Tennis is a wonderful game being played all over the world. Lawn tennis, table tennis, etc. are games which involve a lot of physical activities which keep a human being fit and active. People mostly concentrate in playing cricket or football in their young ages but playing tennis is one of the most wonderful physical activities one can do because it involves various tasks to be done by your entire body for a long period of time. Playing tennis has lots of health benefits as well as personal benefits, here are those:

  • Playing tennis means that you will have a better physique, you will have better aerobic capacities, and you will be having maintained blood pressure and your body will remain in an anabolic state for a longer time which means that you will have a better metabolism.
  • All the people struggling to lose weight can try playing tennis for a week and then can themselves realize the sudden dip in their weight because of the physical activities they will be indulged in.
  • Tennis is a game which can be played at any age according to the stamina and activeness your body has and thus even at old age, you will be getting great physical activity attached with a lot of fun as well. Moreover, one can just need a ground, a net, a tennis ball, and tennis rackets only, to play this wonderful sport.
  • Players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, earn a lot by playing Tennis and both of them are counted as one of the highest paid sportspersons. Thus, by playing tennis, one can earn huge money for his better lifestyle as well, and for proof, one can Google the net worth of famous tennis players.
  • If you get to play tennis professionally, you will be going in various countries to play, and in this way, you will get to see lots of countries, and you will get paid for that as well.

Here are some important benefits of playing one of the best sports in the world Tennis which involves not only some health benefits but also some benefits, which one may never get by playing some other kind of sport.

By Vishakha