Should knowledge be free? – Short Essay

The question “should knowledge be free” has caused heated debates all over the world. With globalization and technological advancements in the world, knowledge has become a top requirement for everyone regardless of where you come from. While it is true knowledge is invaluable, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone can access it mostly due to the cost of acquiring knowledge.

Reasons why knowledge should be free

  • It is said that you can learn something from everyone you come across in your life. Sharing knowledge helps you to grow by improving the understanding of what you already know and learning new things from others.
  • When one lives in an environment where people share knowledge that motivated the individual to learn more. It pushes you to perfect what you are already good at and welcome new skills.
  • Exposure to top talent access. Sharing knowledge helps you to get access to people who are more skilled than you or with a different set of ideologies. Reaching out to your peers and other people within or outside your setting can get you access to the top-most brains.
  • Recognition. Sharing your knowledge with others causes your talents to be recognized, whether at the workplace, in school or just an informal setting.
  • To generate new ideas. It has been proven that two heads think better than one. Sharing knowledge with others helps you to brainstorm and come up with even better ideas. Problems are also solved quickly and efficiently when knowledge is shared.
  • Operational efficiency. In a team where sharing of knowledge is embraced, there is high productivity. Work is done faster and smarter as there is a free-flow of ideas.
  • To create a sense of purpose. In an environment where people share knowledge, there is a sense of purpose. You feel that your ideas are valued, and this makes a huge difference.


The results of sharing knowledge are very beneficial not only to an individual but the society as a whole. It is therefore important to make knowledge free so that as many people as possible can be exposed to a learning culture. The discussion answers the question “should knowledge be free.”

By Winnie