Essay on Importance of Punctuality

Punctuality is one of prolific traits that a person should have. Basically, it is characterized by respect for time. Through this people will admire you and rely on you since they know you good in keeping time. Being punctual shows how you are devoted to the assigned tasks.

Naturally, some situations in life will sometimes prompt you to be punctual i.e. your day’s job and attending and interview. Therefore, so that you will not feel the pinch of waking early you need to embrace this good behavior. In addition to that, punctuality is used to access individual performance .Therefore, if you wish to earn trust and respect continue reading to find out the benefits for your punctuality.

Importance of Punctuality


Punctuality is non-verbal expression of respect for others. People will respect you in return despite your position or age. Eventually they will confide in you because they know what you have purposed to do you will achieve it.


Meeting deadlines has been a challenge to many folks. That is why some people feel too pressurized in completing assigned task in time. Professional punctuality assures they can count on your for your services.

Team-centered goals

If you have a job and you are on time for conference calls and meetings then you have demonstrated you have team-centered goals. Team-focused employees respond to emails on time and avoid extended lunch breaks.


Punctuality demonstrate you are willing to undertake your job seriously hence being your source of job security. Especially if you are in a tough job market you will be in a better position.


Punctuality is an act of professionalism which helps you to stand out as trustworthy and reliable employee. It establishes your reputation at your workplace.

It shows how organized you are

A punctual person has high level of organization. He thinks precisely, prioritizes and organizes given tasks. This collectively makes you successful.


Networking in a company happens before meetings. If you are punctual you can have an opportunity to talk with leaders of the company thus creating a rapport.


Being punctual gives you a chance to prepare your mind and thoughts for the task assigned. This will help you run smoothly throughout the day.

High chances of getting promotions

Punctuality makes you stand out and this contributes to being considered for a promotion. Most people have earned promotion


Getting early for meetings shows you are trustworthy. Punctuality portrays that you can be trusted over assigned tasks.

Dependability and reliability

Your boss will be sure that you will handle the task assigned. This only happens when you have a good track record of punctuality.

Eliminates anxiety and improves self-confidence

Being in a place on time makes you relaxed and organized. When you are on time you will not feel unprepared which causes anxiety.

Improves others’ perception of you

Other professionals will see you as a serious and determined individual. They will attribute your commitment to being punctual and they will end up bestowing trust on bigger tasks.

You set a good examples to others

People will not know the Importance of being punctual unless you take that step of letting them know. Soon they will improve on their time management skills.

It improves your overall health

Punctuality reduces stress which allows mental relaxation. It helps you avoid health problems like blood pressure. Others will enjoy these benefits when you are punctual.


These are benefits of being punctual but for you to enjoy them you have to make it your habit. Slowly start by observing simple time management skills and eventually you will be punctual anywhere you will be required. Start by being punctual today and you will realize what you have been missing.

By IsaacV

Last updated on May 5, 2020