My Childhood – Short Essay

Childhood memories are always the most amazing ones as we don’t have to deal with any kinds of stress or problems at that time all we worry about is how we will be securing good marks in our exams.

My childhood was a very memorable one also, as of the relaxation that my family gave me towards my studies. I never had to worry about my studies, and that is why I enjoyed my childhood more than anyone else can. Here is how:

  • In my childhood, I had every bicycle, every remote car and every toy that was trending at that time because everything that I ever asked for from my parents, my parents fulfilled my wish immediately. The feeling of jealousy could clearly be seen on my friends’ faces, but I was very kind, and I shared each and every toy and product that I had with my friends.
  • I had the best of friends during my childhood as my friends were the ones who helped me to get out of problems which could have spoiled my future as well as my life. All my childhood memories are due to my friends and family, and I love each and every friend of mine until now.
  • I still remember the time when I was so eager to shift from pencil to pens, and when I got to write with pens, it made me realize that now the number of errors that I should be making should be lesser as I cannot erase them with eraser now.
  • I had a few childish dreams like visiting a few places, riding various cars, studying in various schools and colleges and I can proudly say that my parents have fulfilled all my wishes and made me happier than I ever was in my life.
  • One thing that I have noticed about life is that the friends that we make in our childhood are always our real friends.

These were some of my memories and experiences of my childhood. I am pretty sure that everyone would be having their own experiences and memories of their childhoods like mine.

By Vishakha