Short Essay on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In an era where we are all trying to save the environment, the most important thing at the back of your mind should be the three R’s. The three R’s are crucial in guiding us on how to go about saving the earth. Human beings produce a lot of trash on a daily basis, and the rate only grows. This poses harm to the environment as well as the living things including human beings.

The three R’s stand for reducing, reusing, and recycling. Here are their definitions.

Reducing: This is where one target to reduce the consumption of something. It all goes down to the things you need. For instance, you can mend your clothes or buy second-hand ones instead of brand new ones.

Reusing: This is an instance where you find a new way of using the things that you want to throw away. For example, old t-shirts can be turned into mops. Used containers can be used to store food in the fridge. Used bottles can be used to store other liquids or beverages.

Recycling: this occurs when there is garbage already. This means that reducing and reusing are more effective because they do not contribute to the garbage pile-up. In recycling, a person finds raw materials from existing trash and uses them to build something new. While this may reduce the waste, it may not eliminate it.

The importance of reducing, reuse and recycle

Saves you money

When you do any of the above, you will save money. Instead of getting something new that costs more, you have ways that ensure you do not purchase anything.

Saves the environment

These three R’s are imperative in saving the planet. When garbage becomes too much, a lot of things go wrong. There will be pollution of all kinds, the emergence of diseases and health epidemics, among others.

Saves our natural resources

Companies use a lot of natural resources in the manufacturing process. When we implement the three R’s, the need for new products goes down thus saves the resources.

No one will ever go wrong by implementing the three R’s. These three will save us a great deal.

By Lorah