Essay on Generation Gap – Meaning, Causes, Solutions


In every society across the globe, there has to be a generation gap. This term is used to describe the gap that exists when it comes to the level of understanding between generations. It exists between children and their parents, children and their grandparents, students and their instructors, employees and their employers. Since we are all born at different times and are raised differently, ideological differences are imminent. However, there is always a way forward when such challenges are encountered. Before dealing with the problem of the generation gap, it is important to understand its origin and meaning.

Major causes of the generation gap

Here are some of the major causes of the generation gap between the young generation and the older generation:

  • Poor communication. When children want to communicate with their parents and their parents do not have time for them, they withdraw from having conversations with them.
  • There is a big difference between the lifestyles of the youngsters and the adults.
  • Different backgrounds. The way parents grow up is completely different from how their children grow up. This causes the generation gap.
  • Different cultures. The younger generation is more exposed to different cultures than their parents, causing a generation gap.
  • Some of the older generations are exposed to much education compared to the younger generation.
  • Deterioration of respect. Parents have different levels of respect compared to the youngsters. This mismatch causes a generation gap.
  • Technological gap. The younger generation is relatively interested in technology leaving little time for communication thus creating a gap.

Solutions to reduce the generation gap

There are several ways in which the generation gap between children and their parents can be reduced:

  • Improving communication. This is the best way to increase understanding of each other hence reducing the generation gap.
  • Dealing with mismatches. Identifying some mismatches in the family and working on them will reduce the generation gap.
  • Keeping up with trends. For parents, it is important to update your thoughts on the current issues concerning your children like technology.
  • It is important for parents to give ample time to their children. This will build their relationship, and they will understand each other more.
  • Children and parents should both give each other space. This helps to increase the respect and value of each person’s thoughts.
  • In a home setting, an equal vote should be given to everyone regardless of their age. This makes everyone feel appreciated and united.
  • Cultivating love in relations. This brings everyone closer, and children are not tempted to drift away from their parents.


Generation gaps cannot be avoided. The best people can do to reduce the gap and come up with ways of accommodating one generation into another and vice versa. It takes effort and knowledge on what the generation gap is, its causes and how to proceed when faced with issues arising from generation gaps. The young generation and the predecessors should work together to achieve better relations and reduce this generation gap.

By Winnie