Essay on Online Store – Meaning, Features and Importance


An online store is a site that gives the website visitors to find, order and then pays for specific products or services. For one to run a successful store, they must have qualified buyers who visit the store, and they should provide value to them by helping them understand their problem and also giving evidence that you can solve the problem they are facing. The process should also enable them to find it easy to find the solution that you are offering. The steps for them to own the item should be simple and credible.


The internet has taken over the world today, and almost everything can be found online. Here are a few features that include online stores.

  • Easy to use: One can easily maneuver and find what they wan
  • Good site speed for easily converting visitors: Online stores should have good site speed for customer’s easy
  • Order fulfillment systems: When an order is made and completed in an online store there is fulfillment.
  • Mobile friendly optimized: For one to make more sales, the sites are optimized to be used even on the phone.
  • A variety of payment options: There are various ways one can pay for products online.
  • High-resolution photos or videos: These helps the products to be well seen its features.
  • Security features: This ensures the visitors are assured of their privacy.

The Importance of Starting an Online Store

E-commerce has grown so much over the past few years, and the National Retail Federation expects that in the coming future online retail will proliferate. Here are some of the benefits of running an e-commerce store if you are not still convinced of starting one.

  • Convenience: You can shop from anywhere at any time.
  • Better prices: Because the products come from manufactures direct to you.
  • More variety: More choices for you online.
  • 24/7 shopping: When you have an e-commerce store, shoppers are allowed to pursue your products, and they can decide between buying the products or service at any time, day or night. Shopping is thus made easier for your customers, and they don’t have to struggle. When they can easily access your products, you get a competitive advantage to your competitors.
  • Widened scope: When you have a physical store, you get limited to selling only to customers who are in the area where you are located. But when you use an e-commerce store, the website gives you an opportunity to open the doors of your business to people who are all over the world, and this will expand your customer base vastly and also boosts your revenue.
  • Purchase channel clarity: You may have been trying to track your customers and trying to see how often they come to your store and test the products or the services you are offering before they purchase them. But when you open an online store, you get the opportunity to track every click of your customers, and this gives you a better representation of the process they use to buy.
  • Price comparisons: Much easier to compare and research products.


A website owner has to make every effort to ensure that he optimizes it. The fact that it does not have a physical person that may answer to the questions or to guide the online visitors makes it more imperative. Arguably, because there are no customer service representatives who will be there to serve online visitors immediately, the process of improving the experience of the online stores thus becomes more critical compared to having a physical store. But after all, it is even much easier for a potential customer to close their internet browser than to go back into their car and drive away with no guilt of wasting time and gas.